An Original Novel,

Coming Black History Month;

and American Feature Film
to follow...


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Coming soon, ‘Mary Fields - aka - Stagecoach Mary’, and my feature epic movie, that will cover my colorful life, from the plantation where I was born a slave in 1832, to my death in Cascade, Montana, 1914.

Written by: Erich Martin Hicks

The writer of my novel, Erich, has uncovered some folklore and mis-truths regarding my life. This is taking nothing away from my epic venture, for the truth must be told. Coming next month, watch for my novel...

The Producers are still currently speaking with other Producers & Directors for my ‘epic feature’. Keep watching this page for the upcoming announcement of ‘Stagecoach Mary’, and click the link below to be transferred to my blog page:

Thank you everyone for your patience while the producers bring this epic production to Motion Picture fruition.


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